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                              1-28-16: NOT TAKING ORDERS AT THIS TIME!

Welcome to Concealment Holster Solutions.  I am a one-man business dedicated to those who carry pocket sized weapons, specifically, the fine firearms offered by North American Arms.   I hand make every pocket holster and actually use my products on a daily basis.  My designs are simple, straight-forward and designed to do two things; orient the weapon correctly in the pocket for an easy draw and obscure the outline of the weapon.   They do not have unnecessary flourishes or trendy designs.  All detail molding is on the side facing the body, with the outside left plain for concealment.  Every holster incorporates a slight curve to match the contour of the leg to minimize printing and is made from American hides. 

Please use the Contact Me Page to email me with questions or orders.
Frequently asked questions are answered at the bottom of this page.  All holsters in any configuration are $37 and shipping via USPS is included.

What is the current wait time for a holster?  Right now (1-28-2016), I am running a minimum of five weeks from order date to ship date.  Expect that time to only increase!

Currently I can produce holsters in both left and right hand configurations for the following weapons.  

                                      *****  IF YOUR GUN ISN'T ON THIS LIST, I DO NOT BUILD FOR IT. *****
North American Arms Sidewinder
North American Arms 22 LR Mini 1 1/8 barrel  & 1 5/8 barrel
North American Arms 22 Mag Mini 1 5/8 barrel & 1 1/8 barrel
North American Arms Pug 22 Mag
North American Arms 22 Short (Traditional Style Only)
North American Arms Sheriff, (Traditional style holster only)
North American Arms Black Widow
North American Arms Black Widow with adjustable sights(Traditional Style holster only)

North American Arms Wasp & Wasp Snub
North American Arms Magnum Ported & Ported Snub
North American Arms Companion & Super Companion
Beretta 21A Bobcat, 22LR or .25 ACP
Precision Small Arms 25 / FN-Browning Baby 25
Ruger LCP Without Laser, Now Available
Kahr P380 and CW380, in Traditional Only and without Laser, now available

Please note that I do not produce belt mounted holsters, either in-the-waistband or belt-mounted.  I fully believe in
pocket carry as the most practical solution for most people, and especially for the small firearms listed above.  If you are willing to make the sacrifices required to conceal a weapon on your belt, it might as well be something a lot bigger than any of these models.

Also, for several reasons, I do not produce holsters with pouches or loops for spare ammunition.

The draw button option, shown at the bottom of the page, simply provides a convenient spot to push against with the trigger finger to start the draw.  It is a standard feature on all holsters, unless you specifically tell me you do not want it.

Contrary to LaserLyte, NONE of my holsters will work with any LaserLyte product!  At one time, I did build for the NAA-1 model, but as of April 19, no further holsters for guns with a laser will be produced.  While I thought the new Mighty Mouse model might work, I've checked and it does not.  Please keep this in mind if you want a holster and then intend to get a laser.

 I do not accept PayPal because of their strong support for Anti-Second Amendment organizations.  I accept either checks or money orders for payment. 

Colors available are Black or Brown.  Occasionally, other colors are available as well.  

If you would like your initials on your holster, I can add them for $2.  There is room for two initials on most every holster, and possibly three on some.  Just let me know what you would like and I'll let you know if I can do it.
A word on shipping times.  I currently am able to ship in most cases within 5 weeks of placing your order.
USPS shipping is included in the price.  Do keep in mind this is a general guide; you are ordering a made-to-order product, produced by hand, by me alone.  I can only make them so fast!   Drying time is a factor in every holster I make and is something I cannot rush. 

Demand has outstripped my ability to keep shipping times reasonable.  Rather than return to an overwhelming backlog, I only accept so many orders per month.  I've had some health issues that have also impacted my work and ask for your patience as I work through that.  The nature of this type of work prevents me from out-sourcing or speeding up the process and I'm sorry for that.

  The photos below show some possible combinations, but space precludes showing every possible variation.  If your gun is listed above, I can build for it.  There are two basic style options...traditional and special edition.  The main diifference is the special edition has a front stabilizing 'wing' area, helping to prevent the forward-tipping that can occur with the traditionals in some pockets.  Which do I prefer?  The traditionals.  I've carried in a traditional for more than 20 years and find they offer a good balance in most pockets for most firearms.

I've added the rounded style as a variant of the special edition.  It also shifts a bit of weight toward the center of the holster to provide better balance and is a bit broader, front to back, to better fill larger pockets.

                  22 LR Traditional $37                                 22 LR Traditional $37                                Pug Special Edition $37
      22 Mag NAA Traditional Brown                  Black Widow Traditional  Brown                  Pug Traditional Black
                              $37                                                               $37                                                             $37
                 Black Widow Traditional                     Other side, showing draw button                          Beretta Bobcat 21A
                                $37                                                                                                                                  $37

            Black Widow Special Edition                          PSA 25/Browning Baby                                22 LR Special Edition 
                               $37                                                             $37                                                              $37

NEW...Rounded Style, this one is for the 22LR 1 1/8th.
Available for all NAA Revolvers except the Sheriff and
the 22 Short.  Price is $37
                                                        Draw Button, starting the draw.                              Draw Button, the draw complete.

                 NAA Sheriff, Brown Traditional, RH $37


 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you offer holsters that accomodate spare ammo?

A: For a variety of reasons, this is something I do not offer, nor do I have plans to in the future.

Q: What's that big flap of leather for?  Why is the holster so big?

A: The wing area of the holster serves an important function.  It serves to keep the holster and weapon upright and correctly oriented  in the pocket.  If it were not there, the weapon and holster would just lay in the bottom of the pocket in random position.

Q: What is the difference in the traditional and the special edition?

A: The primary difference is that the special edition moves a bit of the weight away from the front edge of the holster.  This helps to prevent the forward-tipping that can occur with the traditional styles in some pockets. My personal preference is for the traditional styles, but the special editions are more popular. The Sheriff is available
in traditional only.

Q: Do you make a holster for the (fill in the blank)?

A: If you don't find your gun on the main page list, I don't build for it.  From time to time, new models are added, but my main focus is, and will remain, the offerings from North American Arms, as I feel they offer the best balance in performance, concealability and  value.

Q: What is a 'Draw Button'?

A:The draw button is now standard on all holsters unless you specifically tell me you do not want it.   It has no retention function; it serves only to assist in starting the gun out of the holster.  As the holstered gun is grasped, it falls under the trigger finger and can be pushed against to begin the draw.  Again, unless you tell me otherwise, every holster has this.

Q: I filled out the contact form and never heard back.  What's up with my order?

A: Not a frequent question, but one I need to address.  As stated on the contact page, if you do not provide a valid email address, I will not be able to contact you.  In the same vein, if you fail to provide the details I need to make your holster, it will delay things.  In the last few months a few people have attempted to place orders, failed to give me a valid email address and have left off important details like barrel length or color choice that prevent me from making their holster.   I do not have time or liberty to chase these details down on the telephone and rely on emails to keep a record of what is ordered.

There are instances of people getting error messages with the contact form(very few).  To cope with that, I have provided a direct email link, also on the contact page.  Obviously, if you use this link, I still need all the same details to make your holster; gun model, barrel length, color choice, left or right hand, draw button option and in some instances, holster style.

Q:  I can't find the order button.  How do I order? 

A:  Fill out the Contact Form and in the comment section tell me the obvious details I need to build your holster.  The information I need is listed at the top of the Contact Form and should be obvious, but I am constantly surprised at how many people contact me and don't tell me what gun they want the holster for, or don't give me enough information to start on their order.  I must know if you are left or right handed, what kind of gun you have specifically, what color you want, etc.  Also, this is an email-based exercise.  Ordering one thing, then making changes on the fly with an illegibly scribbled note with your payment is bound to become an issue.  I will build what you ordered and am not responsible for last-minute changes.

Q:  You show a Black Widow holster in right hand and in black, but not in brown and left hand. Can you make that for me?

A:  There is not enough room to have a photo of every possible combination of color, hand, barrel length, etc.  It is really simple; if you see your gun in the gun list, I can build your holster in any color and for either hand. 

Q:  I want a holster made of soft leather.  Will you make me one and also make it look like this photo I sent?

A:  I have just dealt with a customer who wanted a slightly smaller holster made out of soft leather.  This simply will not work.  While there are degrees of softness, any leather you might call 'soft' cannot accept wet-molding the way a firmer leather will.  Result; a holster that isn't firm enough to hold the molding and has retention problems.  The leather I use is tanned to my specifications in the USA.  It is firm enough to mold well, yet retains a degree of flexibility in use.  Speaking of hides, my supplier has recently added a surcharge per foot because of the shortage
of quality hides on the market.  It seems consumer demand for American hides has skyrocketed in China and India,
stretching supplies to the limit.

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